Friday, 22 October 2010

The most amazing weekend of my life so far

I am not a church person and never have been but was brought up going to church and Sunday School, Youth Group and Brownies/Guides all connected to the Church of Scotland. I have always had a spiritual side but mainstream religion has never sat well with me - I don't have a belief in God in that form and never have, I have questioned this since I was about 12 years old from memory - it may have been earlier but this is when I became aware of the need to seek out a better answer for me. I am quite well informed now on different religions (none of which ever appealed). We all have different "Gods" but in the end it is the same collective spirit - we just call it by different names.

Spiritual mediumship has interested me from those early days, I believed totally in the endurance of spirit and that they come to us and look after us in love. Since my fathers passing almost 20 years ago there have been certain things that happen round me. The smell of tobacco, the water "bubbler" suddenly releasing massive amounts of air into the water bottle making a huge noise (at the same time every day even when it hasn't been used for ages) communication with them has always seemed to be a bit of a one way street where I will have a chat either out loud or internally. This past weekend all this changed for me. I have been learning to stretch my mind to touch the untouchable. I have a long long way to go but this is a post of the here and now so this is simply what happened and how I feel.

On a Friday in May I dropped the kids off at school and had to pop back home to pick up my bags. This was a residential weekend (though as it is in town some also just come as day students - I think they missed some of the more interesting aspects of this course). The course is held at the a very spiritual place (a surprising place for this kind of thing) and it is a beautiful place to be, the building is old but where we were it probably dates from the 1970's. We were given a key to our cell and shown where to go - I took my bags, pillow etc up to my room which was furnished with a single bed (all bedding supplied) a sink, a flip out table, chair and some shelves and a hanging rack for clothes. Shared toilets and showers. We met up in the Lounge and went through to the chapel for meditaion. It was lovely it felt right. After we went to the room for our first excercises/intro. Christine Morgan is an amazing Spiritual Medium very much the traditional medium - nothing new age there. I had seen her once before when she performed a Spirit Naming Ceremony for some babies in the church. She talked a bit about her philosophy and what we should expect from th weekend. The energy in the room was pretty electic. There was a couple of us newbies but I was the only one from the Sanctuary/Intuitive. I was picked to go up front and sit for everyone to "tap" into my auric field and have impressions of me...little snippets of my life/feelings etc read by everyone in the room (thankfully I know most of the girls there but if I didn't by the end of the weekend we all knew each other pretty well)

So I was sitting up front just feeling really uncomfortablely scrutinised and Christine went round the group - one by one I was getting spot on hits with what was being said - even the new girls were pretty right - you can often read a person intuitively by using psychic energies (everyone can do this on a certain level and it is referred to as intuition) or spiritual content and it is hard at times to work out what is or what isn't. So then they had to push it a bit further - go deeper into my life. First up was Jane (a beautiiful soul) who got an old house - I was a bit confused as my house isn't old - we built it 12 years ago. Then other things were cropping, chaotic, overstuffed...some of these were not making sense till it got to Marianne and she said red brick - my house is light coloured with red accent then it parents home in Scotland - old (tick) chaotic (tick) overstuffed (tick) red brick (double tick). I had it .... I had dreamed about walking up the road chatting with my father a few nights before hand, it had been a vivid dream, I had felt the wind and the pavement underfoot, it was very much real to me when I was dreaming. At that I cried! and it was a theme of the weekend... me sniffling into tissues - I had to have them to hand all weekend LOL. When we got to Jackie and Margaret two of our more experienced mediums who were there they had a spirit...I don't think either realised it at the time (and they had different information anyway) that it was my father so I was asked to go sit in my seat and the weekend began for me in ernest. He had a message for me at that point (and it matched a lot of what the other girls were getting through) that I had to let something go - to just forget it, it would cause too many problems to make waves that would turn into a tsunami of hurt and accusations. Things will sort themselves out and what was taken will be returned as it will do the holder no good whatsoever, so if you are reading this you may as well return it as I know who and why, I hold no grudges just heartfelt sadness that it happened, but we all make mistakes at some point in our lives.

Throughout the weekend and the various exercises we had to do - each of us on our own level but guided gently by Christine we worked our way through different methods some psychic and others through spirit communication (wish I could do this but it will take its time to learn to work at the level required). Each day and exercise my father came through, he also brought my Great Aunt Eleanor. She was like a Grandmother to me and came through with that energy, I was also visited by a friend who died when we were in our late teens - actually I think it was when we were 20 as she didn't want to live past 21 - this is something she always used to say to me and it used to upset me, but I now know that maybe she had this on her spirits "blueprint" and for some reason was aware of it. It did take me a bit to place her at first as she came through with a sister energy - at the time she was as close as a sister, she too brought love. The real kicker was my father coming through on the Sunday (by now I was a bit of a soggy mess and the girls were getting to know him quite well) but this was a bit special as he brought my Grandmother on his side. His mother had died when he was 16 years old and I have always always felt a strong affinity with her, I believe she is round me a lot and I have been told I am a bit like her. Our last prayer we did at the end of the weekend was to totally break down any barriers I may have had on life continuing on after we pass, as we were sitting there quietly listening to Christine (who was channelling a small spirit - something that she doesn't usually do) I felt the presence of my father behind me, next thing I was aware that I was being hugged, and I could smell him - he spoke to me - what he said I have no idea, but I do know I felt so peaceful at that point. To have gone from never having any communication (or obvious stuff) to this whole weekend was amazing and life changing - I am a different person today. I am continuing on my spiritual path, have found I also have an affinity with healing using and being a conduit for the universal power. That was another weekend and another post.

I really don't care if you think I have gone mad, or am strange, weird or just plain nuts. I am a different person, I am a better person than before, I have found my purpose and my journey has just begun.

Back to normal programming soon ;O)

As some of you will know I have been attending the Spiritualist
Sanctuary Church now since just before Christmas, and going to Intuitive
since the start of the year (Feb).


A Creative Dream... said...

I happened upon your blog while "blog hopping"... pushing the "next blog" button, and read your post about your weekend. I grew up thinking that feeling spirits was something everyone did or had in their life some way, so things like this seem completely normal to me. I've felt, and continue, to feel my grandmother around me since she moved on... it's amazing to feel them circle you with love, isn't it?

I wish you many blessings, and the finding of much wisdom, on your journey... it's a wonderful and exciting one when you find that portion of your path that fits you particularly well!

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