Thursday, 12 January 2012

About time I updated - seriously. Lots of things have happened - too many really to list here - Amanda is now driving and on her Green P's, she has also finished her schooling and waiting to see where her future lies - WA Police is her goal but she can't "go there" till she turns 18 in May.

David has had one job and now another, closer to home - he comes home each day looking like he has rolled in charcoal (not far from the truth either) but seems to like it. Nicky and Callum - still at school and me, I am going back to school. University to be precise. I am just waiting for the official letter to arrive next week - I have been informally offered a position on the course by the course Director (Dec 13th). So I start a 4 year journey to become an Art Teacher (secondary focus but at the end I will be able to do primary and secondary school). Bach. of Ed (Visual Arts) is the official title at Edith Cowan, Mt Lawley.

I stressed for weeks before the interview - I was worried I didn't have enough or appropriate art work to show - she didn't even look at a quarter of the stuff I took with me before saying I had a place (dependant on paperwork being up to scratch), no worries there as I aced my STAT test - didn't think I did but that is worry for you! Talking of art, the image is of Blodwedd (pronounced Blod-weth) she was the second dragon that I made (have made 3 now and have a red one for me) this one is now living in Devon, UK. The first one (green) is in Pembrokeshire, UK. She is a shoulder Dragon - for obvious reasons. I also have a Dragon Tattoo now, designed by Jackie Morris I am very thankful for her friendship and her generosity in doing some designs especially for me. I need to get a better picture of that before I post - all the ones I have are from when it was freshly done, it has mellowed now and looks stunning, it makes me joyful each time I catch it out the corner of my eye.

Have been moving on with my life, friendships etc too, finding who fits with my life and who doesn't - it has been sad making the move away but some have naturally drifted off. I haven't felt as sad about it as I thought I would. I also found that I have probably been used more than friended by some. I release their friendship with love and move on. Last year was one of transition and transmutation, I have read some books that have affected me deeply on a spiritual level. On the spiritual theme I have grown so much in the last 12 months I can hardly recognise my own thoughts at times - I understand things on a much deeper level now, cause and effect and the harm that can be done on an energetic level by thoughts and words. I have also found some wonderful people out there in the WWW who I really connect with. I have also connected on a deeper level with someone I have known for years but was never really that friendly with her - I am glad she is in my life now (she knows who she is). My connection to spirit is also stronger, and my intuitive abilities has soared, this is good progress.

On a side note - make sure you let those who you love know it - it can be weird letting others know that you do appreciate their friendship and love them for it but it brings such joy to just put that out into the universe - what you give you will get back in abundance. It is all about energy and vibration, you need to be it to receive it.

OK that is it for now - not sure when I will be back, I have lots and lots of stuff to share.

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