Thursday, 21 October 2010

and not before time.....

Ok, slack, slack, slack....I will take my time with this so we could end up with a HUGE post or we could end up with a titchy tiny one.

I set this blog up to share my crafting endeavours - they have been few and far between lately. The summer was just too darn hot and long for me this past season. Autumn eventually arrived and not before time too. I am feeling happier, colder and more able to think - though saying that I have my second cold for this month and feel like poop, the last one started as a head cold and travelled to my lungs - unable to get an appointment with the Dr (as when this happens infection sets in and I usually need a dose of antibiotics to help me to breathe without feeling like I am drowning) I had to rummage around in the medicine cupboard to see what I could find - I found some from last year but had no idea what they were for so had to do a bit of research before taking them (they were mine and were fine to use). That took care of that little problem. Unfortunately David brought home another cold last week and I succumbed to this two days ago...still a head cold and it doesn't seem to be travelling downwards but is making me a bit fuzzy round the edges with concentrating etc.

We have had a busy year a few weeks ago Amanda my eldest turned 16, that in itself seems strange as it was only a week or so ago that she was a tiny babe in my arms - well maybe a slight exaggeration. What do you get your first born on such a milestone birthday - what else but....
she was surprised/delighted and on a natural high all day. Not so sure David thinks it is a good idea any more, he has been the one taking her out in it - last time he came back with whiplash from all the bunny hopping that was taking place.

Been so long since I started writing this I have forgotten what I wanted to say in addition - so here it is almost 6 months later...she has been driving at the weekends, she is getting a bit better but needs to have some "proper" lessons, she is able to sit a test soon - she isn't ready!

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