Thursday, 27 September 2007

Layout Share

Here is the first of the layout share, this picture is the same as I have posted before, the paper came from either a kit by Tarisota or from Lime Tart they both do some beautifully coordinated kits, I didn't ever think I could use this kit but it appears here and on the Diva layout. The letters are Lil Davis. Very simple but I am rather pleased with the way it looks - it is straighter IRL it is just the way I photographed it. I really need to update Chester's photos, he is such a big woofer now still with big clomping feet! I think even at six months he still has a bit to grow.

Sorry that there is a bit of refection from the window in this one, I did try to get rid of it and moved about all over the room but it was too dark elsewhere and the flash was going off. I have been waiting to do this picture for a while (this is one of the ones I finished off on Saturday) I know flowers aren't really a boy thing but it seemed to cry out for them. I loved the Scrap FX title and thanks to Kathy B I got the colour to match in by borrowing from her mobile "scrapping library" LOL. I am sure this is from another of the Lime Tart kits - and yes I am trying to use them as much as I can as they are no good to me sitting in their little boxes now are they?

Diva - well what can I say really, I think the pictures speak for themselves ROFLOL. These are the products of a "bored" thirteen year old and a new camera. They were taken shortly after her birthday in May and I downloaded them to my computer, she didn't know but I think she sees the funny side now - or did until I posted them here!!! I believe these are called MySpace photos, or so I have been told. The title was another Scrap FX and the paint again from Kathy - I don't know how she can be so organised for these crops. It has crystal kindy glitz over it to give the bit of bling required, this I think was from a Tarisota kit, but it could have been from a Lime Tart, I have too many sitting in my craft room to remember what is from whom these days. This is one of the reasons I am making the concerted effort to use them.

Fungi, yes those were the colours of these strange little mushies that grew in two of my indoor pot plants, I didn't dare touch them though, they grew from brown lumps in the potting mix to those huge umbrellas in about a week, it was facinating watching them change on a daily basis, though no one was allowed near. If you know what they are I would love to know. Very simple layout, two sheets of bazzil, some bling and some thickers letters - how cool are they? journalling is round the outside of the layout - which seems to be my favourite place to hide it these days.

Edited: I have found out a bit about that Fungi took quite a bit of trawling through Google hits till I typed in yellow mushroom, it is a common houseplant fungus and it isn't harmful, though they don't recommend eating it, its official name is Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, also known as Lepiota lutea. If you want to know more about it or just to read up on interesting fungi then I would recommend that you visit this persons site. Most of the hits I was getting for yellow fungi was for some weird tropical infections in bearded dragons or human nail fungus - yeuch!!

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Julie H said...

What fabulous fungi pics and layout! Gorgeous.