Thursday, 27 September 2007

Art Dolly Love


Was having a wee trawl through my files and I came across my art dolly's, not sure if I have shared them before so I thought I would post this one. It is promised to Dawnie (yes I haven't forgotten, I just keep misplacing it every time I am likely to see you). I haven't made any more of these for ages, but may get back to making some as they are quite theraputic. I have some layouts which I will try to photograph with my dodgy camera and will share them - I got 3 finished off and 3 made from scratch at a crop I was at on Saturday - not something that is common for me, I am usually lucky to walk away with 2 done (even at a 12 hour crop).
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Nat said...

Walk away with two done??? That is being a bit generous isnt it!!!!! LOL