Thursday, 27 September 2007

Layout Share part 2

Well I finally got round to getting these on. I have taken one child to the school disco and back and am waiting to take the other one so have jumped on the computer while I can. This layout I started years ago (nope no exaggeration there either) I decided to just finish it - I can't remember what I was originally planning but this is what transpired. Jennie McA offered the use of her Fancy Pants stamps (they are just beautiful but a bit expensive for me) Luckily I still had some MM deco brads in my bottomless pit of a bag so could finish it of in an appropriate way. The photo was taken on a property in Banjup (West Australia) and the photographers are fantastic, the whole 5 acres is set up as one giant photo opportunity. The dog in it is my old boy Jason, he would have been roughly 10 years old there and loved the time we spent as he mostly got to have a snuffle about the undergrowth. That was also before he got hard of hearing and his eyesight was still A1, though that doesn't mean he wasn't selectively deaf of course.

This picture was taken at the soccer carnival last year (2006) only Nicky got her face painted this year but that was washed off with 15 minutes by a huge rain storm that went through, I didn't manage to take any photos of anything this year sadly. I think this face painting has to be one of the more innovative interpretations of spiderman, I just love the redback spiders in this picture very folk artsy. What about that cool paper though, I am most impressed with the range, it is a fairly new company as far as I know and has some really cool papers for boys and girls. I will edit this later to let you know who by. I used more of those Thickers letters, just love the flock feel to them.

Thats it for my updating for now...see I never do anything and next thing you know there is heaps and heaps of blethering.

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Judy said...

The lo's are so nice but the first is especially gorgeous!

Natalie B said...

Yay for you Eve to get so much done in such a short time. It takes me 2 days just to do one page these days :-) Not that I've done many. I have 2 photo's ready and waiting to be SB'ked, just gotta get there to do it. HOpe you are well and enjoying that new craft room of yours :-)

Julie H said...

That first one is beautiful - both the photo and the layout. Fantastic face painting pic too - lovely to see your kids.

Debbi Baker said...

Just catching up on your blog - love your pages! I too love the Fancy Pants stamps and although they are a bit pricey there is a huge selection on each plate. I have two sets and used them all the time - they are so versatile.