Monday, 13 August 2007

Where did the time go

Over a month!! yikes, I didn't plan to blog too often, but at least once a week. I have stuff to share. I do create something most days, or at least try to work on things most days, but have a bad habit of not taking pictures or scans - then the objects get given as gifts and I have no lasting image. I am trying to get into the habit of taking photos of things and have two to share with you. The first image is a bracelet I have made for a girl who I was a secret Santa to. She is on one of the yahoo groups I am in. I enjoyed making this as it was very relaxing, I love the colours of this and it just came together quickly. For most of the beads I wired them with an aged copper wire that I found in the shed (originally meant for garden purposes). The chain came from Target as did the charms. I also made my own jumprings. Now I know how to make them it means I have exactly the colour and size I want. I don't think she has received this yet and do hope she loves it as it is in the colour range she loves.

I have my own bracelet which is similar, though I made the chain for that myself, I will have to take a picture and post here as it is the one which I have shown the workings of in a previous post.

Last week I attended two wonderful workshops by the marvelous Beryl Taylor I have loved her work she has done in Cloth Paper Scissors and also her book Mixed Media Exploration she has had published (I knew I had to have the book when I saw the cover - didn't care what was inside it LOL). This book is all the more special to me as she has signed it and I have also handled some of the beautiful art work that is in this book - I have looked through the books and felt the texture of these items. The first workshop was making fabric paper. I have as yet to finish this piece as I want to embellish it so will post once finished.
The other class was The Heart of the Book. The colour washes I put on the cover were a bit of trial and error as I had a scheme in mind and it took a while to get there. I don't think the photo shows the book colours as they are IRL but are close enough. I also added some glitz spritz so it has a coppery sparkle, which doesn't show up. The ridges on the paste (it is supposed to be a crackle paste but the crackles didn't work for me for some reason) have krylon gold pen added.
This is one of the few workshops that I have attended that I actually finished a whole piece in the time allotted. It was also a very relaxed class with only about seven of us attending. This is a real shame as Beryl has so much to share and to come all the way from the USA for such small classes must be strange. These workshops were not well advertised and two of the ladies who attended this one only found out about the class on the day of the craft fair. Perth businesses seem to lack the necessary media skills to get the news out there. These workshops were being handled by Tru Blue Exhibitions and were so totally disorganised, even the Craft fair wasn't well advertised. How can they expect to get good business working in that manner.
The little heart was fun to make in this project and I am sure I will do many more of these, I love the beading and sequins, the sequins are tiny - really tiny and can be bought from here I just love this shop and Dale is a blast. Her service to her customers is second to none. I have called my piece A Novel Fantasy, which leads me to my next thing to blog about.
I have been asked to be on one of the teams at How Dare You, there are themes with a wonderful donated prize. The latest theme is Fantasy, and the prize has been donated by Cocoa Daisy go check it out, you won't be disappointed. The above book was going to be my entry but I didn't get it in on time, it may still appear there though.
Okay that is about it for me today...housework is calling, I have had to shut Chester outside as I just can't vacuum up with him attached to the head of the machine growling and barking as I push it and him about the is funny for a while but I get a bit "over" it after a while. Oh and I need to update a photo of him for you all, I will see what I can find and do it after I have done the bathrooms.


Paper Passions said...

Hi Ev, the book is gorgeous. Love all the colours. Will have to see this one day IRL. Thanks for yesterday, I enjoyed catching up and we were actually productive despite all the chit chat. Will post my finished kit on my blog when I finish it before DHs birthday on the 27th. Have a great day tomorrow.

Emmcee .... Marie C said...

Hi Ev - just saw your gorgeous book at the Dares site - it's wonderful, and I'm so jealous that you got to Beryl's classes - I tossed the idea around, but it is just so costly getting to Perth (again)..... look forward to seeing you on the Dares some more....


Judy said...

oh hello stranger. wish i did that class too your book looks really nice ev, welcome back

lisa :) said...

The bracelet is gorgeous Evelyn, I know the girl you made it for would have LOVED it ;)

Hugs, Lis xx