Sunday, 8 July 2007

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I love my coffee - thought my rating would be higher though. Nothing beats a double shot long black - no sugar just the coffee, drunk straight you get to tell the good from the bad or the downright awful, no milk or sugar to hide the taste. I won't drink instant (though I do have it in the house for visitors just in case) I would much rather have a cup of tea that instant coffee....

I have a tag to do later from Natty B...will try to get to it soon. I also have some art to share - not much but enough but need to photograph it too...if I am really organised I will share a puppy update too.


Judy said...

No need for me to see how addicted I am - I know i am 100% addicted! i am supposed to do one of those tag things too but no time. Thanks for the blog comment Ev - really love when you pop by. keep well and enjoy the school holidays.

Mandy said...

eewwwwww yucky! don't like coffee most of the time, but very very occasionally I will have a latte, I think I have had a total of about 4 in my lifetime
shame though that the quiz didn't allow for us seldom drinkers
I think my percentage would have been about 0.00000001% LOL

susan j said...

Ev, is this you? As in the Evelyn I know? I didn't know you had a blog?!? Welcome to Blogger land!! We neet to meet up again one day soon.

I went to Freedom and saw the place mats!! YUM!! Bought a few too!!

Tania said...

Hey .. i left you something onmy blog .. Check it out!