Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Okay it has been ages since I have updated...I have been spending a lot of my time chasing a puppy dog tail....and cleaning and mopping LOL. He is getting much better and we only have the occasional accident (usually when someone else is in charge of the watch patrol). Night times are getting better, though he hates being shut in the bathroom...labrador evader is the name that comes to mind when I talk about putting him to bed, never mind labrador retriever!!

I went to Alli P's Autism Crop Day on Saturday. I was initially just going on my own then found out Sharon A was going too so we went together and had a great day - I haven't spent much time with Sharon so this was a good chance to get to know her and swap stories etc, we both got a bit of scrapping done. Once I have titled them I will share - though Amanda may not be too keen on that ROFLOL...I will tell the tale when I do share.

Tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary - not sure if we are going to do anything about it as we have never really celebrated it before though this is a fairly big one! Seems a lifetime ago - well for some it is really isn't it. I should really go make a card at the very least. Got the kids to collect now so will update probably tomorrow now.


Sharon Manning said...

Congratulations for tomorrow Ev!
It was great to catch up on Saturday, let me know what your daughter says about the layout too!

Dawnie said...

Best wishes to you both Ev.
Have a great day

Dawn xxx

Julie H said...

I do hope you have enjoyed your day! Hugs,

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations,Happy Anniversary to you both Eve

Judy said...

Woops, missed the anniversary - oh well - hope it was a good one. Thanks for your nice comments Ev.

Paper Passions said...

Hi Ev, The crop day was great. I really enjoyed catching up and getting to know you a bit better. I've been meaning to pop by all week but have got caught up in domestic stuff. Congrats. on the big 20. Hope you had a lovely day. See you Friday for SAJs.

Dot said...

Belated happy anniversary Ev. 20 years is some achievement!

Hope your darling puppy's behaviour is continuing to improve. He looks adorable..