Monday, 13 August 2007

Chester Baby (sung to the tune of Santa Baby)

This is Chester, he will watch T.V. with the kids and is especially keen when there are dogs appearing on screen. I have now decided to ban him from T.V. as I think he is watching too much. This must have been a while ago as there is still the bucket and mop outside the bathroom door for the early morning clean ups - I was still being cautious for a couple of weeks after he was house trained at night. I had gone outside to hang some washing out and came in to find the kids laughing.
The dog had managed to get up the hallway and into the toilet where he proceeded to grab the end of the toilet roll and happily take it through to the family room. He has a bit of a fetish for ripping paper - which can prove extremely messy as you can see from the photos. He was so proud of himself, but had let go the end of the roll by the time I had my camera. He does look guilty though doesn't he? The next photo is of a very relaxed boy, this was taken two weeks ago, but he has grown heaps more since then. I really need to take more photos but he gets very much "in your face" if the camera comes out, he wants to be behind the lens not the subject

We are now on to his third collar as he is growing out of them as fast as you can blink. I had forgotten how fast they grow. He is a much more pleasant dog to be around now since he has stopped nipping and biting anything that goes near him. I know it was just in fun and it was all play but boy those sharp little teeth can do some damage. I think that all three kids now have holes in at least one of their school uniforms. I am still not game enough to let him off the lead when we are out and about - but his proper training has started seriously now. This has been a shock to him and he is very reluctant to walk nicely on the lead. One things for sure we need a dog who knows how to behave well as he is a strong boy already and has pulled Callum off his feet at least once.


Dawnie said...

That last pic is a butter wouldnt melt moment isnt it.Such a cutie pie Ev, and bet the whole family is enjoying your new baby.

Thinking of you

Dawn xxx

Julie H said...

Ev he is adorable!! I have been wondering how the training was going. As to the paper, I remember my Maggie doing the same thing with the loo paper.