Monday, 20 August 2007

All Teeth and Flowers

the title kind of sums up my Thursday last week. I had to take Amanda to the orthodentist for her last of 4 in a row (each week) appointments for her new braces. We have been going down the orthodentic path for a while and she now has the fixed ones in (and hopefully the last set she will need) for anyone who has had these they will know just how long everything takes - we are committed to this for approx 3 years - probably more, by the time you take into account the retainers that have to be worn for a couple of years. We did the quick dash to HBF to get a claim cheque so the bill was reduced, but it is still a hefty amount. She was given the choice to have them now or do them later, she chose now as she could see that it will save HER money flies on that girl! I must try to get a picture of her teeth, even though she doesn't need them she is wearing elastics on her front teeth - kind of like a decoration. They are pink and turquoise and look like little jewels. After her appointment we went to the shopping centre (Garden City) and had a coffee - well I had a coffee, she had a banana was a hot banana smoothie, and completely yum, from Aroma Cafe if anyone is interested.

I wouldn't normally do this on a school day but as it was my birthday I decided to treat us both. Amanda "borrowed" some money and bought me a bunch of lillies. I in turn signed myself up for a mobile phone for her, she now has a rather nice lilac flip phone which she better take care of. She has 50 free text messages a month as part of the deal so that should work out well. When I got home I had another bunch of flowers delivered to the door this time - a beautiful bunch of rununculas wrapped in some sort of HUGE leaf, if anyone can tell what this is please let me know, it smells kind of like it might be a tobacco plant of some sort (it is dried out). These were from my mother, I didn't realise till now I haven't taken any pictures of the lillies so will do that and post them shortly. (Note I still haven't downloaded these yet so will do it in my next post).
I have been playing with beading the last few nights so will scan or photograph these for tomorrow. I have to shower and get ready, we are going to see Cirque du Soleil's Varekai this afternoon so I have to go pick the kids up about lunch time I am looking forward to this as we got the tickets in November last year. We went to see them perform Quidam last time they were here and I was totally blown away by it all...I have never been to a "proper" circus - maybe I should make that my next thing to aim for.


Julie H said...

What a beautiful post - you have a lovely relationship with your daughter. These flowers are just wonderful - what an inspired choice by your Mum.

Judy said...

Well happy birthday - whenever it was, sorry i missed it. The flowers are so beautiful. 50 texts a month - wondering here if it will only take a week to get through that - signed, mother of teenagers who are obsessed with text messaging and wish that they would only text 50 a month. Good luck EV!!!