Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Shhhh Puppy Sleeping

Welcome the newest addition to the Watt household, 8 weeks old and wanting ready for anything. Today is his first day away from his fur family so he has been a bit unsettled, I haven't had much chance to do anything but look after him, cuddle him and play with him, though looking at these photos you wouldn't think so. Think the kids got him all tuckered out when we picked them up from school. He is the most handsome little fellow and should be easy enough to train - heres hoping the toilet training doesn't take too long to get down pat!!

He is from extemely good stock and is from the same linage as my much loved and grieved for boy Jason, so with this one we have a pretty good idea of temperment, build etc. We thought we were going to have to wait for months for a dog that was suitable but for some reason the person who had this one on hold changed their minds - more fool them I say. I will attempt some awake shots tomorrow, today my camera battery was in the craft room with my camera in my bedroom and I wasn't allowed to go anywhere without the little man howling in "agony" at losing me through doors LOL. I didn't want him wandering too much in the house due to accidents and the dangers that lurk in my craft room for little inquisitive puppies who will taste and nibble at anything.

We think we may call him Chester but will give it a few days to make up our minds for certain - I like to see where his personality lies and if he fits this name or another. He does have a grown up official name which I can't remember off hand so will put in later, I don't want to disturb the peace while I can get a few minutes typing. It's going to break my heart to leave him for an hour or so tomorrow but I have to get stuff done. One thing that isn't causing problems is his typical labrador appetite...I couldn't believe how fast his food was put away tonight...even for a lab!!! and he was the smallest in weight of his litter....I have a feeling that won't last LOL. At the moment is nice to have another animal in the house after such a long time...thought I may not be saying that tomorrow morning as I can see a very restless night (and noisey one at that) ahead.


Natalie B said...

He is beautiful!

Gisele said...

Hi Ev
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, your new baby is adorable!
Looking forward to more posts & pics of his progress....hope he doesn't disturb you too much at night!

Mandy said...

oh he's so cute!!!!!!!
hope he's a very good fella for you!
they grow up too quick though, my "pup" is only 10months and already full grown :(
give him a cuddle from us!

Julie H said...

Hi Ev,

This little man is just adorable. I know how hard it was to take the step and get a new baby - I am sure you will be in love soon if you are not already.

As to the toilet training, I did my Maggie in three days, and Archer at 11 months had only three slip ups in the first week. So, I am sure you know what to do, but if you want help just yell out.

I will keep an eye out for more photo's of this cutie.

Mrs Adept said...

Awwwww how cute. Congratulations on your new addition. My sister has the most gorgeous dog ( and I hope to get a puppy from her one day ). Can't remember what breed she is but she is a little petite fluffy thing.

Dawnie said...

Too cute Ev. Will pop around for a cuddle before he is too big for my lap.( about week 14 I think )He-he
Good for you on opening your heart and home.
Catch ya soon
Dawnie xxx

Coby said...

Oh Evelyn, what a beautiful puppy. I am sure that he is not going to give you any trouble at all. Please give "Chester" a cuddle for me.

Love Coby

Judy said...

Awww he looks so cute - you must be a glutton for punishment after training 3 kids, now to train again - but the rewards are good - as we know. hope it all goes well and is easy for you. Love the name too, hope your foot is better - there will be lots of running around to do i imagine.

Ro Bruhn said...

What an adorable bundle of joy, we found a ticking clock under the bedding and a hot water bottle(away from his sharp little teeth) settled our lab when he first came home many years ago. The ticking clock is supposed to make them think it's their mother's heart beat.
Good Luck