Monday, 11 June 2007

Those big baby blues?

I have managed to jump on here for a bit - David is keeping an eye on the widdle machine. Here is a picture of Chester on a sheepskin mat that I usually take to crops etc to sit on...guess I won't be doing that again.

I do have heaps of photos and once I get some computer time will post more. This was taken yesterday. I did attempt to remove the blue eye (as opposed to the human red eye) but there are no shortcuts in any of the programs that I have that will do the blue so it is the long way round for me and I wanted to get this on the blog tonight.

He seems to be getting better at night - at least we are all sleeping for a couple of hours at a stretch. He would have gone all night I think last night if the neighbourhood cats hadn't decided to have a spat somewhere close at 3am...he settled after about 10 minutes so that was good.

The bathroom has been the site of some shocking devastation lately. This morning was good as there was only a small amount of poop and a fraction of that ended up on the wall and door....believe me I have been shocked at what I have found each the weekend every possible surface had poop smeared on it - brings to mind the "dirty" protests that were held in Scottish prisons years ago (and probably others too but I only remember the Scottish ones) I have one set of picture of a not so bad morning..but won't show it here. I only ever open the bathroom door with a damp cloth in hand to wipe down his feet before taking him outside.

Thank you everyone for your has been 17 years since we last had a puppy and you forget so much. He has his clock which is situated in the bath to magnify the ticking. I dare not do the waterbottle trick, or use a wheat pack as he will chew and drag almost anything about the place. He has the radio tuned to one of the local radio stations (like they had at the breeders) and he has a nicely washed blanket every night...goodness what more could a little boy want LOL. I am still not getting much done during the day...piddle spotting is the order of the day, we have had a few slip ups in the house but I usually catch him before he does, or in the middle of the act. It is when others are supposed to look after him that I have problems.
Okay gotta go check the blanket is dry and get things ready for tomorrow....... by that I mean soak the dog biscuits he gets, make sure the meat is cut up and most important of all that the mop and bucket are ready and waiting outside the bathroom door for the morning ritual of scrubbing the bathroom floor and anywhere else in there that may like done - yes this kills as I hate housework with a passion and will give the house a good once over no more than two times a week on a good bathroom hasn't had so much in the way of cleaning fluids chucked at it ever....wonder what happened to my resolve for an outside dog!!!


vivian said...

too cute puppy ev!

Nat N said...

Oh he is gorgeous!! So he would be a bit like Jasons brothers uncles nephews son??? LOL

Judy said...

Soooooo cute.