Tuesday, 29 May 2007

two in a row - unheard of!!

Okay I feel guilty as I realised it was a month between posting...

It is a cold morning - or fresh is more like it....cold isn't something that can really be applied to Australia, or these parts anyway, though at times we have got to the minus numbers. I love this time of year...you can accomplish much more as it isn't too hot and sticky and we still have the nice clear days (thought today is overcast it is bright). I thought in honour of the up and coming winter I would share an image I just love.

I didn't really realise till fairly recently how much I miss Scotland, I won't ever consider moving back there as Australia is my home in more ways that Scotland ever was but visually it is poles apart, I miss Autumn with the leaves turning multi coloured (yes I know it happens here but not on such a scale), the naked branches of trees in winter on a cold crisp day with clear blue skies. The like of which you hardly ever get in summer. The purity of the new snow on the ground and over these naked branches (though just the thought of having to catch a bus in the cold dark slippery mornings and the return home through the slush on work days still in the dark just makes me want to cringe). This beautiful picture was taken by Rachel Greig, check out her shop, she designs a lot of stamps and papers for Stamp It. I have bought a couple of her limited edition numbered prints recently (she has some going for a wonderful price). The Snow Lake image was on a card that I was sent as a thank you. It is a mini photo, which I have plans to mount and frame in my craft room. I just need the right frame. All the marks on the photo are from my dirty scanner bed...that'll teach me for scanning beeswax images!!

Okay housework procrastination is over...I have a weeks worth of housework to do - Callum has trailed sand into the house the last few days as David is paving an area at the side of the house so we can store our trailer and have both cars undercover. Callum has jumped on the chance to play with sand (and bring it into the house despite my efforts to stop him). We found him sitting in the sand in the wheelbarrow pretending it was a race car - nope no photos unfortunately - I walk barefoot in the house so it feels awful underfoot and I cringe when walking on it as I can "see" the damage it does to my polished boards!!


Judy said...

Hi Ev,
So you are alive!!! lol
Thought you had binkered down for the winter. I too like rachels photography. Thankk for all your lovely comments on my blog. Keep well.

Coby said...

Evelyn, that is such a beautiful photograph. I hope that you find the right frame very soon so that you can enjoy looking at the picture while you create.

Love Coby