Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I am feeling much better now though my ankle is still swelling up alarmingly - called to get another appointment with my doctor and have had to wait 3 weeks to see her. Thank you to everyone who emailed or left comments it was much appreciated.

On to better news I got my charm swap back, the effort that has gone into this is wonderful and I have some beautiful charms now to use in either a necklace or bangle I have still to decide. Thank you Julie for coordinating this swap. I will post a picture later as I discovered I have got no battery charge in my camera (update I will add to a bracelet I am planning on making so will wait till that is finished). My craft room is looking a bit better too - not so cluttered but still extremely messy but I will probably take some photos of that too and post them. David helped me to tidy up, I think it had all gotten too overwhelming for me and I went into a kind of denial about it LOL. I still need to sort my storage out more but that can be refined as I go along.

I had a really fun day two weeks ago, I got to go to my LSS and spend my $100 free product from their loyalty program. Unfortunately the L'il Davis stamps I wanted weren't in yet or the Autumn leaves ones but I got a heap of cool stuff to play with all the same. This has all been packed away already, if I keep on top of it the room will work well - well theres the theory anyway.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers day too...I had a nice quiet one, well after having 8 13 year olds in the house from 2:30pm till 10:30pm the day before and having one sleep over anything would have been quiet ROFLOL. That is one bonus in being half way round the world to family - there is no running about on days like that, but there are some very distinct disadvantages too, after 17 years here we are used to that now though. I got some beautiful bits and pieces from the kids. Callum made me a teapot card and a 3D paper cup and saucer (another thing to be photographed) along with some stuff from the stall at school Amanda bought me a bunch of flowers and Nicky got me some stuff from the stall too. As my big pressie I was the very happy recipient of an iPod Nano 4Gb. I have uploaded a couple of albums already but still have heaps of music to go on it. It is a beautiful green colour. This will also take care of the music in my room problem as I will try to get a speaker set for my birthday LOL. I think anyone else listening to my selection might think I am a bit mixed up, I am a bit eclectic in my music taste. I have registered for iTunes but that could prove to be either expensive or dangerous if I don't show some restraint LOL.

I have resistered with HP for some classes. I have done the first two modules on making digital pages (scrapping) as I have always been confused with this - I can't believe how easy it is so far and have pulled one page together for the class, though I won't share yet as it is very very basic and I did it in a hurry. I will post when I have something more acceptable. These classes are well worth checking out though and are free to join. Check out the link, there are some good ones in there. Two weeks later and I still haven't done any more of the classes. I have fumbled my way through using brushes and had a bit of a fiddle with that...just got to work out how to change the size of things and keep them in perspective...I can't seem to lock the height and width (any suggestions most welcome I am using PSE 4).

I haven't been creating much with paper at all, when I was at Bunnings on Saturday I found some fantastic copper (bright) wire - 20 gauge - in the area where they have the picture hooks and hangers. I am planning on getting some Liver of Sulphar so I can age this wire. While watching TV - gotta watch Greys Anatomy and tonight it is Desperate Housewives - I have been playing around and have nearly got a piece of jewellary made. I have been working on the beads for this. You will see the start of the chain in the picture between the handle of the red round nosed pliers.

David found me the most wonderfully aged copper wiring (the same gauge as in the picture) in the shed yesterday. I have wired up a couple of beads so far with it but won't use it on the shiny one as it is too much of a change. I will just have to create another aged one, or make a necklace. I just need to keep a bit more occupied at night until I get round to just going into my craft room to work.

I am sure I have lots more to catch up with (I have had this sitting in my drafts folder for ages...) check the date out at the top because it is really the 28th May now. My foot is much better, saw the Dr and she is happy enough with it but now have eye drops for what can only be described as "devil eye". I think I may be allergic to the chemicals in the spa and have permanent red irritated eyes just now, not conjunctivitis as I don't have any other symptom...just sore red eyes that look shocking especially in the mornings...give myself quite a fright if I look in the mirror LOL.


Sharon Manning said...

Good to hear from you Ev and glad you are getting back on your feet and I do hope your eyes improve!
Your jewellery look wonderful and can't wait to see the finished product. My Hubby goes in search of things for me all the time, it's so nice to have that interest from them.
I found with my scrap room if I do a little bit of organising on a "consistent" basis it helps, otherwise it is too overwhleming!
Good luck with the organisation.

Julie H said...

Ev I love the look of that chain! Very, very nice. So glad to hear you are getting back into crating, I do like to see your art work.

Mandy said...

Great to hear you are feeling better Ev