Saturday, 28 April 2007

Big bruises and sore butt cheek

Its been a while since my last post I know, kids went back to school on Monday last week, so after drop off I went to visit a friend I hadn't seen for a while. She isn't feeling too good just now so I am sending her big hugs. She noticed something about my ankle (I have had swollen ankles since my sister was here in Feb) I didn't think too much of it till I got home and it had become even more swollen and angry and hot. I have had this before - twice to be precise - so called the guard dogs on reception at the Docs surgery. I forced them into giving me an emergency appointment and by the time I got there the redness had got worse. I knew it was cellulitis but had to make sure. I wasn't wrong so that set of my whole week. It kind of went like this - intra muscular injection in my butt - ouch! not sure what was worse, my ankle or injection site - not allowed to do anything and keep my feet UP. Tues, Dr first thing, yet another injection in the same side of butt (it gave me a dead leg so at least getting it in the left side meant I could drive as both vehicles are automatics) back home and do nothing - keep my feet UP - getting bored by this stage. Wednesday was ANZAC day so did little and kept an eye on my foot - if it got worse I was to go straight to the hospital. Thursday first thing see another Dr as mine doesn't work the end of the week...another injection - suggestion was my thigh so did hurt really bad this time and I got a jelly leg by the time I got home - guess what - do nothing feet UP....bored bored bored. Friday yet another Dr first thing.....and yep you guessed it another injection - oh you should see the bruise this time (I might still take a photo as it is incredible) so I had a sore butt still a sore thigh and my ankle still hurts. Saturday netball starts - I had to leave early as another Dr's appointment was called for...I didn't need an injection but I still hurt - it is clearing but not as fast as it has in the past (I have had it 2 times before - same place and these only occurred after a single redback spider bite on the sole of my foot ) This week, well, I am bored with keeping my feet up, though I hurt so will be going and doing just that after this post. As a consequence I haven't felt very creative.

As a wee treat David took me to Ikea this morning and I got a "bookcase" to go in front of the window to hold more of my stuff. It will lay on its side and I got 4 cubes to hold stuff, the other openings will hold more interesting stuff which is a bit more photogenic LOL. That should be the end for my purchases just now but David did see a set of drawers which he said would be ideal for my stamps....and it would go nicely under my sewing table. I surprisingly didn't prompt him with this, I had been eyeing them off in the catalogue so was quite pleased when he saw the potential LOL.


Sharon Manning said...

Ev, Sorry to hear you haven't been too good, just when the kids go back to school too and you don't have anyone to wait on you :-( I do hope you are on the mend and back creating soon.
Take Care of yourself.

Nat said...

Oh dear, thought you would have rigged something up to do something creative with your leg up in the air!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Coby said...

Evelyn, I am sorry that you have been unwell. I hope that things improve quickly. How lovely of your hubby to buy you the shelf, it sounds wonderful!!

love Coby

Natalie B said...

Eve sorry to hear your not the best. Keep that foot up and enjoy the time relaxing. I know it might be boring, but it's very rare a mum get's to rest!! See ya and take care Nat

Julie H said...

Thinking of you Ev and hoping you are back on your feet soon.

Judy said...

Awwwwwww you poor thing, sounds awful exept for the pressie part. Get better soon lovey.

Mrs Adept said...

Sorry to hear that you've not been well. Hope you have recovered by now and are feeling heaps better.