Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'll start with a joke

No really! I will.....

A man went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered a serve of lemon chicken with rice. The waiter brought over a covered dish and placed it in front of the man, he was about to lift the lid when it moved and two little eyes looked out, looking left then right and bobbing back down again, this happened several times and the man started to get quite alarmed.

He called the waiter over and asked him to watch for a bit. The lid opened a crack and the two little eyes peered out, looking left and right before bobbing back down again. At this the waiter quickly lifted the dish apologising profusely and said I will bring your order straight back to you sir, the man feeling rather confused asked the waiter what was in the dish he had been given, to which the waiter replied, "Oh that was Peking duck....."I seem to be on a bit of a (Blog) roll can thank scribefire for that, makes blogging so simple with my Mozilla Firefox. I've had it for a while - just not used it to its full extent.

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Edleen said...

hehe...cute joke!

Mozilla is cool! glad to be on the same Dare Team and looking forward to having fun together :)