Friday, 14 December 2007

Kids will always surprise us

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Amanda has never ever shown an interest in art, she has been made to take it for a whole two terms this year and has consistently complained about it, she mentioned a canvas she was proud of but not much more till about a week before a school art show. This is her main entry into the show, I am rather proud of her she has shown a level of understanding shade and light that quite frankly surprises me. If you had heard the arguments we had on her course choices for 2008 and how hard she argued against doing any art subjects it is laughable (she lost I won and she is doing clothing and textile). She is more sports orientated but needs this kind of stuff to ground her I think. At least her end of year report has come back with a favorable result, she will never be a great academic but at least she does her best most of the time. That is all we can really ask of our kids - and especially so during the very trying and confusing transition to adulthood that we are all going through just now, whether we want to or not!! Someone want to adopt a 13 year old for about 2 years? LOL..


Nat N said...

Well done Amanda that is gorgeous and there are PLENTY of blue walls in the house that it can go on!!!

Julie H said...

That is just lovely Ev. Very calming and serene - she is talented in this area even if she does not enjoy it.

France said...

What a lovely painting Amanda! Well done, it's just beautiful!!!
I have to save the pic to my HDD so I can look at it whenever I want! (if that's ok?) :)