Monday, 9 April 2007

Watch the Birdy

Wonders will never cease, I actually got back here and have scanned Nicky's (DD#2) little piece of art work. I was beginning to dispair of either of my girls becoming even slightly arty, I have tried encouraging them from an early age but neither have shown any interest till now. A couple of weeks ago when sorting through a large wood chest I came across some felt fabric, Nicky expressed an interest in having it so I allowed her to take it, thinking it would become dolls blankets or similar, much to my surprise she made me a phone cosy for my mobile with a little decorated heart out of a contrast felt. Her efforts were good and I am now gently guiding her to the correct type of thread to use etc - I have bought her a heap more colours and she has them stashed in her room. I did suggest that she make something for Easter and she got a bit "huffy" which is very like her when she is unsure of what is needed to do. We sat and discussed it and she eventually decided on a bird - I gave her basic instructions and gave her a rough drawing of what she needed to cut out, this I didn't expect her to do as I honestly thought she would go away for a bit and think on it then come back for a less rough pattern - instead what I got was a semi sewn bird body and lots of questions - the rest of the supplies were brought out and we discussed what was needed next - this is what we got - minus legs but with a plan for a better more streamlined approach to the construction for next time. We are planning on showing DD#1 who is 12 and DS age 6 how to do them and maybe have a bird making day (or hour in Callum's case LOL).

You can see her markings round the body - a lesson in hiding these marks will be part of the new plan, there is a certain way this has to be handled to avoid upsetting Nicky but that is okay, she also has embroidery floss which I need her to use to sew with and I think it will enhance the bird, but you know what - it doesn't matter because my little girl has now shown me that maybe she has picked up at least one of my obsessions. I was also pleasantly surprised at Amanda as she wanted a set of bunny ears for yesterday, we didn't see any in the shops and I had thrown out the ones from last year so I told her to make them - I explained what they needed to do to make the basic (pre primary) style of ears and to go for it - not only did she do these by herself she also helped her siblings to make some of their own and used the stuffing to create the fluffy bits on the ears. I even got a pair for me too.....there are no pictures of me but there are some of the kids. Don't the ears look great, I know they were proud of them and I was proud of my little bunnies for doing such a good job.
Watch this space for more arty dollies and birds - maybe even a whole zoo if the kids get into this. It will keep them busy thats for sure, and the busier they are the less mess they make to the whole house LOL.


Julie H said...

What a wonderful birdie - I can imagine a whole collection of them hanging together. How wonderful that you can share some of your art skills and enthusiasm.

What loveley children you have to help each other out - and to take the advice of a sibling.

Hugs to their clever Mum!

Marie C said...

Love seeing kids art projects - the little bird is so cute and the bunny ears are heaps better than any in the shops! ! Well done kids!

Natalie B said...


Jane P said...

I think that is wonderful. how can you say they are not artistic, they have a great teacher who thinks the world of them, and their great creations!!!!You should print a picture of Amandas tile!!!!!!

Sulea said...

he he he the birdy is gorgeous! :oD very cute!

Dawnie said...

How cute do your little bunnies look Ev.What a great job on the easter ears.

Love Nicky's ducky. Just the sweetest.Great job there, so let her know I said she did a wonderful job.Better than my sewing .Well done .

Enjoy your holidays

D xxx

Judy said...

Woohoo - on those fluffy ears - they look so good. Also, that birdie is awesome - opening an ETSY store soon are we Ev??? LOL