Monday, 8 June 2009

In a Dragon's Den

I mentioned earlier that I have been in a House Book swap and have posted some of the pages I completed for others. I will share the remaining later. For now here are the pages that have been done for me by these ladies.

This first page is what will eventually be the cover of the book (done by me) I have several ideas for it but for now it sits and waits.

This page was done by Lucy Leatham, she actually did two for me which was totally unexpected. I love this one and the feelings it evokes. The mirror is actually shiny but doesn't show well in the photo (which were taken with my new flash camera that I have waited for patiently for quite a while now). This is also a favourite of my two girls. This next one was also by Lucy and again is just wonderful and very tactile.

Page number four was made by Kaeren Sutherland and is made using a napkin bonded to the card, the gold lace is lovely but doesn't show in the photo, neither does the gold sheen over the entire piece.

I have more to share but they wouldn't attach to this post...once I have picked up the kids from school I will work on the others.
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Sam Marshall said...

Loving the dragon-too cool!!