Monday, 9 February 2009


What a terrible terrible week the Eastern side of Australia is having -
Fire and flood, if it isn't too much rain which is happening in
Queensland it is fire in Victoria. I am at a loss of what to think or
say, I have cried a lot at the human tragedy at the last count I heard
it was 108 dead and we have to "brace ourselves for more".

What can we do? Here's something that may help in a small way:

1. Give the Red Cross a call and donate, their number is 1800 811 700.

2. Kathy from Remember When is offering to donate all the money from selling her Laser Cuts to aid the Victorian Bushfire Brigade.

I will be doing both I think. Can you imagine, whole communities wiped out - all that history, all those lives touched. I even watched Kevin
Rudd our Prime Minister struggle to keep control of his emotions this

I hope this can be brought to an end soon, that those
that set those fires burn in hell for what they have done (this is in
effect mass murder in some cases) I sincerely hope that those that I know over there are safe and well.


Julie H said...

Thanks Ev, it is so much easier to help when we are pointed in the right direction.

Judy Scott said...

Its awful watching it on the other side of the world and feeling so helpless its good to know how we can help when we cant do practical things ~ Judy

Dot said...

Thanks for letting us know how we can help Ev.

We are all in a state of shock over here. So much loss and so much pain.

You have a big heart to cry over what is happening here. I have been in tears all week.

Take good care