Friday, 12 December 2008

How Could They Do It!

Go have a look at the following link, Dale a very generous and talented lady who owns and runs The Thread Studio from her home here in Perth has had a number of her art pieces stolen by a "customer". Dale has always been very free in showing her work and letting us handle and look at these items closer and in our own time. Someone is going to get a rather nice piece of artwork for Christmas I would say. I hope they can't live with themselves - truly a sad day. Dale and Ian are two of the most trusting people. I am truly sad about this.

downunderdale: thieves or desperate artist?

Pass the word around - you never know who might see it (or the artwork)

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi Ev - love your new look blog - thanks too for the link, might have to consider doing something to liven mine up! I can't believe someone would visit Dale as a customer and then steal stuff - unbelievable. Really makes you wonder about people!