Thursday, 31 July 2008

Embellishing again

Most of the work I have done with my embellisher only covers lessons 1 - 3, I have done a bit of 4 but will get back to it later - I have other things which have had to take a back seat but need to be worked on NOW. I have enjoyed the intro back into hand stitching, a pleasure I had forgotten about, this is more freeing in the way it works though, good for sitting in front of the TV and just letting the stitches go where they will. Most of the images here I have already put up in the Yahoo group (which will close soon for the new intake) which means they have been resized, the newest stuff is waiting on my resizing so I can share. It would have been done much sooner but I have a tendency to go wandering about in blogland and can lose hours of time - letting one link lead me to another at random (I enjoy these journeys and have found many a gem, saving them to my ever growing favourites list on my computer). The above image was done with wool roving on a felt background, it was a challenge from the lessons to copy a picture, the one we were given was nice but I wanted to do something else - stubborn as always. This is a copy of an image from the Edinburgh Evening News site that shows Granton Harbour

This one looks like it may be upside down, it isn't it is a copy of one of Monet's pictures and was foil on felt then rovings worked for the water/lillies and flowers and fibres (knitting wool) used for the weeping branches of the tree framing the image. The foil gives it a different look which isn't easily seen in photographs or scans.
The next one was a foil on felt, bits and pieces of roving and fibres covered with a chiffon scarf and embellished, heat gun melted back the chiffon lightly, then hand stitched. I have broken countless needles on these pieces and the others I have worked on, I am not sure if it is me being careless or just working them too hard over too solid an object, I have thicker needles now so hopefully that will stop it (though I have gone through 2 of the new batch of needles). Will be back later with more shares - and if I can get round to it not just my embellishing stuff


Sharon Manning said...

Ev these works are stunning - clever girl! I am going to try and get to the Craft Fair this weekend too, if I find the time.
Have you thought about coming to Judy's Workshop? It's a definite now, we have minimum numbers and it's on it's way to being fully booked! Just don't want you to miss out, that's all.
Take Care and it's great to see you posting again!

France said...

Wow Ev! I just got some felting tools, and just love what you did! Are you taking lessons?? Where? How?
I love the "not Monet" one too, and somehow the third one won't load for me! Is there a felting Yahoo group??

Dawnie said...

OHHH EV , the top one of Granton Harbour is AMAZING ! Love the richness in the colours and the depth is wonderful.So happy you shared here and I'm awed at these beauties.AWSOME STUFF !!!

Dawnie xxx