Thursday, 1 May 2008

Do I have to be a W?

What is it with the letter W, we are always last (or nearly) in mass mail outs. I recently received my Quilting Arts magazine and the Studios magazine by the same publisher a couple of weeks after online stores that stock these magazines. They have had them both for a while. Its not as if it has took ages to get here from the US...oh no, they were posted on the 11th April, but still I didn't get them till 15th. The post is usually quicker from overseas than receiving mail from the other side of Australia. It seems to be the "Watt" factor.

Saying that I was originally a T, and I chose to become a W, so my fault I suppose, maybe I didn't look hard enough for that ellusive A, B or C LOL. Though maybe if I make my name a double barrel that would work.

In all seriousness I am happy enough with how it is, I wouldn't have any other partner, I think I would be hard pushed to find one who is so tolerant of me. It is just quite frustrating. Its like being on a long haul flight (of which I have done quite a few in my time) and if I sit at the back the food distribution starts at the front so there are no real choices when they get to you. Or you sit at the front of cattle class and the food starts at the back, I have even been sitting in the middle - fair chance you would think of being fed exactly what I want from the such luck, they started at both the front and the back and worked their way to the middle, where I got no choice. I keep making mental notes to say I have special dietarty needs next time I fly so I get served first, but keep forgetting till I am sitting on that plane.

Cloth Paper Scissors has just arrived in the online stores this week...wonder how long till mine arrives?

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Judy said...

Yaah the W's
I am with you, I always get my stuff last too.