Thursday, 27 March 2008

One big catch up

Life gets busy, I get bored of the computer, too many neat blogs to go hopping round. Blog hopping must be the biggest time sink for me going, I can lose hours - usually hours that I am supposed to be cleaning up, then I feel guilty that I haven't done the work, so I don't do any creating. Its a bit like a punishment that I don't really mean to do to myself, it just kind of happens. I haven't updated for ages, one of the reasons is I haven't been creating till lately, the other is it has been too damned hot and humid. We are seriously looking at reverse cycle air conditioning now after this year - it has never been much of a problem in the 10 years we have lived in this house, not till this year.

We have as yet to properly celebrate our 10 years with our neighbours who moved into their house 1 week before us - we were the first residents of the street and have seen some comings and goings and had a few ups and downs along the way. Only one house in our little stretch of the street has ever been sold (it is on to its 4th set of owners and maybe 5 if interest rates keep rising). I hope they don't have to sell, I like her, he is a bit strange. Well I say a bit, maybe I should amend that - they don't know I have a blog and wouldn't be able to find it even if they did - I hope LOL.
Anyway, I went to a crop recently and managed to churn out 5 layouts (one a double! so would that count as two). They haven't photographed too well and one still needs a quote which I need to print out as soon as I get something to go through my new laser printer - Big Bertha - she couldn't be named as anything else, she is huge for a printer but the quality of the prints are out of this world, almost the same if not better quality than my photo printer.
These are supposed to be side by side, I can't be bothered trying to work out how to stitch them together just now, I need to play with my PSE6 a bit more, I used plain bazzil and a Heidi Swapp mask with the Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist with some bling. Taken in Edinburgh in my SIL's conservatory 2004.

I have loved this photo forever, I can't even remember when it was taken (though I am sure the details are on the digital image on my computer somewhere), it has no title yet, I am not sure if it will get one. The photo was a very poor quality but looks much better changed to B&W, in colour it wouldn't allow for being made bigger than the standard 6X4.

Taken on Busselton Jetty, I had to remove a few people who were cluttering up the photo. It needs its quote which is "take the road less travelled" but till I get something that won't melt in Bertha I will have to wait.

Again from Scotland, this time featuring David, Phillipa the kids and Dad. Hand cut elements and a bit more bling.

York Minster, these photos have been travelling with me to crops for years - literally, they were altered in photoshop or similar software and printed in negative. The actual picture is quite ordinary, blue skies, clouds, the magnificent York Minster, but it takes on a Goth look this way. I am happy now they are done and scrapped. I tried to get rid of the shine from the flash on the bottom photo but the paper I printed on (semi matte) just kept kicking back the flare.

Here's my little paper bunny, I made him on the eve of Easter, while watching the abysmal tv that is on just now (even with Foxtel the telly programming is shocking at the moment). I printed him out from the Epson site, I am going to try the Macaws next, it was pretty easy, you just need to be a little patient when cutting out. For some reason his feet turn upwards, not sure why but it doesn't distract too much. He came with a carrot which I haven't got round to making yet. The scarf he is sitting on is a Target bargain I got for 85c, along with a few other colours - to be altered soon.

Here is my last share, a bracelet I made for a friend who I often bounce ideas of, she keeps me grounded at times. I think she was surprised to get it but I thank her for being there for me. I am not the best person for keeping in touch as some of you will know, but I do appreciate all of you and would be a mess without you all.
Well that is it for now. I am working on a fabric book at the moment, this has been in my head for a while, I have just finished gesso'ing all the pages so I can start to add images etc. Now I have it here with me I have no clear idea what to do with it so I will just let my muse take me where she wants. I also bought myself an embellisher (a bit like a sewing machine that felts stuff) it was a bit of an investment and with that I have now waved goodbye to getting my digi SLR for quite a while, but I think I will have more fun with this machine for now.
Next time I post I will try to include some of the whirlwind we call Chester. I have some nice photos of him to share if I can find Amanda's cable for her camera (the only camera to hand at the time)


Natalie B said...

Hi Eve, good to see a new post from you... love your LO's... and also so glad you've had a bit of time to play. good for the soul :-)

Would love to see some pics of chester.

Dawnie said...

Hey there my love ! great to see the LO's and super bracelet for your bud. seems you have been playing a little (teasing us with visions of a fabric book)Look forward to seeing your progress.
Wonderful you got an embellisher (woohoo) hope you get right into that and look forward to seeing some playtime there too.
Love the pic of the babes in the tub ,he-he,too cute.

Hug ya
dawnie xxx

Julie H said...

Wow - great catch up (did you get my e-mail?) and you have awesome photo's to scrap. Gorgeous bracelet - I am sure your friend was blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hey you cheeky girl...I sure was surprised to receive my gorgeous bracelet!! I have worn it heaps of times and I LOVE it!!!
Can't wait to see some end results of your new toy IRL!!
And my...hasn't Chester grown up!!
Take care my friend!!

Judy Scott said...

Hello Ev thankyou for your lovely comment on my work, I adore turquoise and the colours that complement it ~ so yummy. I love the white rabbit you made ~ have to go check it out, a little one would be perfect for my Alice theatre.

You will love the embellisher they are so fabulous to experiment on at first and learn different ideas and textures, you will have fun.

Till next time, Judy x