Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

He thought he may have got away with pretending to be a reindeer...it was an almost!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day - ours has been great so far, the prawns are shelled as are the lobster, the salad is made, the crabs are cooling down and the mussels are waiting to be cooked. I just need to go for a swim first - what else is there to do when the temperature reaches 38?
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Dawnie said...

A grand way to spend christmas with all that yummy seafood.That will be us for new years with a visit to Kalais.Loved the pic of the reindeer too.He looks so happy.

Happy Christmas to all

Dawnie xxx

Julie H said...

OH my what a big boy you have now! Handsome though.
Happy Christms Ev, hope to see you in the New YEar.

Nat N said...

Oh isnt he big!! And obviously knows which is his best side lol

Rebecca said...

Hi Ev, I have just emailed you. Please let me know if you did not get it. Your dd artword is beautiful. I could look at it for ages.