Friday, 16 March 2007

A little more art

These weren't done at the retreat, they mainly were the product of a bit of a play I was having with the gorgeous Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and my Krafty Lady moulds. In fact the main focus of my shrines were cast from the KL moulds using Delight clay, a wonderful light paperclay which is so easy to use.

I love those torso moulds but have never got round to doing much with them, I found these picture frames going out cheap at a local supermarket and the idea just popped into my head. I removed the backing sheet that you get with these commercial frames and replaced it with a white sheet of paper. I removed the glass and cleaned it well then applied the alcohol inks to the back of the glass, these are fun to use, very versatile and highly addictive. I replaced the glass once they were dry (in no time at all really) with the inks to the inside and then glued the torsos to the front of the glass. This was probably the hardest thing to do in all of this as it took a long long time for the glue to set - in the future I think I would try my glue gun for this but I wasn't sure how the glass would react. These now sit in my formal dining area though may eventually be moved through to my craft room.


Julie H said...

What a fantastic idea Ev. And it was so good to see your shrines again - they were both fantastic!

Congratulations on the blog - I look forward to keeping up with all your goings on. I will add you to my links next time I am in the template.

littledawnieno1 said...

Good for you Ev.Glad to see you in blogger world.WOO HOO.

Love those frames with the molds.They look great, and your micheal shrines are fab my lovely. You should be proud.

So great I can see you on blogger. Ive missed you since Ive been at work.

Catch ya soon

Dawn xxx

carmel said...

Ev a blogger - woohoo! VERY nice shrines and inky frames. Will add a link to keep in touch with what you are creating. Hugs, Carmel x

Michelle S said...

Woohoo - another blog where I can check out all the fabulous work you gals make! I usually just read and don't comment (hey - I'm a lurker, I'll admit it!) but this was a nice surprise to find. Love your ink colours and the shrine Ev. Look forward to seeing your other finished pieces from the workshops.

Natalie B said...

YAY!! So glad you joined the blog world!! And some yummy stuff on your blog already!! Big hugs to you Ev.


Sulea said...

Ah hah!!! a new Blogger!!!! YAY!!! ABsolutely love your shrines Ev. Just gorgeous :o)

Sulea x

Gail said...

Dawn said to check you out and so I did, glad I came by your way, very interesting and inspiring.I'm also an Aug. baby.Drop by if you get time.

Judy Scott said...

Hello Ev, thanks for visiting me, how wonderful to live in Australia, one day that will be me ..... dreaming.
I lived in Edinburgh for 9 years along time ago!!

Love your art work too ~ you are inspired by great artists, see you again, Judy xx

Coby said...

Hi Evelyn, I am so glad that you have a blog and that I found it!!

I love your mounted torsos, what a brilliant idea. I must agree with the other posters that the shrines you made in Michaels class are wonderful.

love Coby